Thursday, February 19, 2009

sigh . . . . .

That's the sound of someone who is physically and mentally exhausted. Since I last posted, I've started a second job (since teachers have so much spare time to do stuff like that!!) I've been working at a tax preparation office after school from 5-9 most days. This has helped with some of my expenses, but I still have a Chile ticket to pay off!!

On notes of finances and such . . . my landlord informed me that he's RAISING my rent by $50 a month! God is so good, though. The Monday before that, a fellow teacher asked me if I was would want to rent from her if I had a roommate. She has a 3-bedroom trailer she could rent to me, but can't really afford to rent it to me by myself. I told her later about my rent going up, and she said I could rent from her (once her son moves out and she paints and stuff) for what I'm paying now until I can find a roommate!!!!!! Like I said, God is good!!! ALL THE TIME!!!!!!! Now I just need a roommate . . .

In the midst of a second job, possibilities of moving, and an insane lack of sleep, I had parent/teacher conferences on Monday! I had 8 conferences!! That's the most I've ever had! That's 1/3 of my class!! This came after a 1/2 day with the kids -- less 6 students! Are things as bad where you are?? I haven't had all my class at school in about 2 weeks!! And I know I'll have at least one out tomorrow! One teacher told me today (after our hour long faculty meeting) to "go home!" My response: "You mean, go to work!" She asked me how I'm doing all this. I just said, "I'm not!"

Please pray for strength. I am having a hard time juggling everything. I can't afford to not work at the tax place so much, but I don't want to wear myself out or allow my responsibilities at school to slack off. Most importantly, my devotions haven't been very . . . well . . . there lately. I know this is why I'm so tired and cranky, but I just can't motivate myself to do it. I'm being very transparent now, please honor this by praying for me -- I need HIS strength now more than ever!!!