Friday, March 21, 2014

Haikus, continued . . .

Here a few more that were turned in today . . . .

The Great Haiku
I love my mommy
She smells like something funny
I love my mommy

The Earth
At night it's aglow
I do not like the bus stop
My life is random

I removed the earth
The earth was invisible
The earth was aglow

My Sister is Mean
My sister is mean
I'm always starving to death
I'm starving right now!

Balloons are aglow
They are tied down to the ground
Balloons are beautiful

(Save the best for last . . .)

Winter is unfair
I can't play outside with friends
Go away winter!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I usually post on Facebook, but this was just too lengthy to post there.  Our third grade spelling curriculum has a page where students learn about haikus and get to write one.  They were supposed to try to use some spelling words, so that will explain the abundance of words with prefixes! Here are some of their inspirations (the first few have some extra syllables, but I just had to share!):

I Hate Math
Math is really bad
Preschool is for little kids
I hate math really bad

My Sister is Lazy, Very Lazy
She is very inactive
Her chores are always incomplete
I do not like her
(Side note - this student actually likes his sister - she's a sweetheart!)

Preschool is downstairs
Miss Ramey is very nice
I do not eat pie

She is Shy
She is inactive
The girl is unspoken now
She's unthinkable!

Balloons are aglow
Balloons are able to fly
Balloons cannot fly

Preview of Frozen
Frozen is awesome
I like the movie Frozen
Icicle snowflake

Life is Bad
I don't like my life
My whole life is incomplete
It stinks really bad
(Side note - this student is not depressed -  he was given the word incomplete and just went with it!)

The Earth is Aglow
It is very bright
I am very bright in school
My hair is aglow

Unicorns are cool
Unicorn's horns are aglow
Unicorns like earth

Dogs bark very loud
They are very furry too
Be careful, they bite!

And my personal favorite . . . .

You're always incorrect
Math is incorrect
Seven plus two equals five
That is incorrect