Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold -- just cold

Do you ever have those days you want to run outside and scream at the sky, "Quit being so cold and SNOW ALREADY!!!!" It's been FREEZING -- no -- BELOW freezing all week and still not so much as a flurry! I love snow . . . I dream of snow . . . I pray for a snow day!!! I love school, and we did get one day off last week, but it was for freezing rain, not snow, so it wasn't really worth it! Maybe I'm alone in this, but if school's going to be cancelled, at least let there be some snow on the ground!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The new and the somewhat old

The new part is the blog - the old part is the background. The site I usually use is not working right now, or they only have pink-ish cute-sy little Valentines Day backgrounds -- what ever happened to just plain winter?????? The tragedy of being single around this time of year . . . . . .

Anyway, just when you think you've heard everything -- talk to a teacher!! This is school spirit week, so the kids have been a little crazier than usual. Yesterday was PJ day -- a bonus for me since I had pneumonia last year -- I LOVE PJ DAY!! (though I did get a little tired . . .) Today was twin/career day, so the other teachers in my hall all dressed alike -- jeans, white collared shirt and a tie. It was great -- I was finally able to wear my Pepe Le Pew tie!! I've had the thing for about 10+ years now(boy do I feel old!) and I FINALLY wore it!! The best part of the day came at recess. I was talking to some of my students from last year. I was asking what career they were or if they were twins with anyone. The one doing the most talking said she was supposed to match one or another girl, but it didn't work out. She said they sort-of match -- Oh!! They're rhetorical twins!!! :) I said, "Do you mean fraternal twins??" "Oh, yeah -- that!" You've gotta love 4th graders!! That was almost as good as one of my 3rd graders reading our Science book today. We were reading about what to do during a thunderstorm. The book says to always try to be inside during a thunderstorm. But if you are caught outside (as she read it) " . . sit or crotch on the ground . . . " I never have a dull day . . . .

Friday, January 9, 2009

It makes me tired.

This is what one of my students wrote for why they didn't like the book we just finished in Reading class. The book was called Secret in the Maple Tree. One part of the book report we did together said to tell whey they thought it was or was not a good book. Most of my boys said it wasn't good because it wasn't very exciting or it didn't talk about boys enough. I'm o.k. with that. I'm still trying to figure out how to rate, "It made me tired".

If you're familiar with the story, it's about a girl named Hilda. In one part of the book, she visits a friend who has small pox. She eventually came down with small pox herself. Or, if you are another boy in my class, she had chicking pots. I would have to say this student has some of the most inventive spelling I've ever seen. He has a very "West Virginia" accent, and spells EVERYTHING just like it sounds -- with that accent!! It's absolutely adorable! It doesn't help his Spelling grade very much, but it does make me smile!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Norma Jean Seizmore Caviness

This past Monday, the church I grew up in lost a very dear woman. Norma Caviness, the faithful wife of our pastor passed away at the age of 70. If you visit our church's blog, you can read just what an impact she has made on our church. Please pray for the entire Caviness family during this time. She is already greatly missed.