Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm on a roll!

Look at me! I posted 2 days in a row!!!

Sorry, no pictures this time. I don't really have anything to say just yet -- I just wanted to get into the habit of posting. Ummmmmm . . . OH!! Karen has a "Monday Moment" -- I have a Wednesday's What? This is me asking a question for all my faithful want-to-be readers (hard to read nothing!)

Question for today: What is your favorite kind of soup? I recently tried Chicken Tortilla Soup -- you put it on Tortilla chips and top it with cheese (and sour cream if you like it) It was VERY good! I need to get the recipe from my friend!


Keilah said... favorite type of soup has to be pig soup. J/k - it's probably chicken noodle. Although sometimes I really like potato soup too. I guess it depends on the mood....maybe I'll go fix me some soup. Love you!

p.s. So glad you're posting again!

Karen said...

Is that really South beach? I like potato soup (loaded - with bacon,cheese and sour cream) BUT since I can't have THAT... I like a chili/bean style really good