Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday's What and other "stuff"

I'll get to the "what" in a minute. Before that, here's a quick update.

I haven't been feeling well for over a week. The last time this happened, I ended up with the flu and secondary pneumonia, so (with some "encouragement" from my mother) I went to the doctor after school on Monday. I was in and out in record time, considering it's an "urgent care" facility which usually makes you glad that whatever is wrong isn't really THAT urgent! Long story short - I have strep! This wasn't too surprising given that 3 of my students were out with it and the 2nd grade teacher had it also! This gave me a "get-out-of-school-free" card for Tuesday, but it was back to the grind today. I'm still only at about 70%, since I'm still really congested, but I have more energy when I'm "out and about" than when I'm just sitting at home watching the paint fade!
So I came back today to a disinfected room (thanks a BUNCH to my aide and a special mom of my students!) This comes at an especially good time because of grandparent's day this Friday!

Wednesday's What:

What is the strangest thing you have "hanging around" your house/apartment?

I'll leave you with these pictures as my answer:


Anonymous said...

Kelly, How many loads of laundry did you do to have that many clothes hanging from everything available? I noticed the curtain rods draped over chairs (a great idea) as well as the upside down chair. I'm sorry you have been so sick, get well so that when we get there in April, we'll all be well.
Love, Aunt Connie

Karen said...

The boys were climbing on their rafter the other day:)

Keilah said...

umm...the most "interesting" thing I have in my flat right now is...Laura's Venetian mask! It's pretty and sparkly, not something you'd normally see! Also I have a box made out of other boxes in the kitchen to hold all the chocolate I've gotten from friends and family in the states! Great pics, Kelly! Keep it up...