Thursday, May 22, 2008

bored and un-loved

I'm pretty sure people read my blog, but I don't see too many comments on it. (Other than Jeannine -- THANK YOU! -- At least someone loves me!!)

The concert went well the other night -- the kids behaved themselves. The biggest problem was getting the teacher who had a main part to remember his lines!! He mumbled through the one song he sang because he hadn't practiced enough! The kids loved it, though -- it was great!

Tomorrow we have our field trip to Antietam Rec. It's going to be a CRAZY day!! Pray for us -- there is a lot of water at this park and even though each chaperone has a maximum of 4 kids to watch, anything can happen!!

Post a comment -- even if it's your favorite type of candy or color or pet or leg!! ANY COMMENT IS WELCOME !! (as long as it's appropriate!)


Anonymous said...

What are you doing AFTER school is over? Are you going to teach summer school? It is hot here in Texas. I'll try to post comments since I now know that's what you expect. Love, Aunt Connie

Karen said...

Boy you rated an Aunt Connie comment.. I don't get those!!!
I DO read it... but don't comment... I still love you.

Keilah said...

I comment when I do eventually get on your blog! Um, my favorite candy is a Kinder Bueno, my favorite color is pink, my favorite pet is myself, and my favorite leg is my left. It does more than the right one does, that old mooch. Oh, and my hands are purple right now, sometimes I throw up, and I think the sky should change its color to green and the grass should be blue. THE END!