Thursday, June 12, 2008


So I've been home for 2 days now and I'm bored. Not that I don't have anything to do, it's just that I don't really want to do them!! :-) I'm at the library updating this, so at least I know I can do that! I cold walk to the library sometime -- it's only about 2-3 miles away along sidewalk-ed (is that a word??) streets. We'll see if we have a "cooler" day sometime in the future!!

I have a few "plans" for the summer. I think if I write them down, I'll at least have some kind of encouragement when (or IF) I finish them.

Here goes: (maybe my "readers" can encourage me to attempt to accomplish something!!)

1. Organize apartment (sort-of an on-going thing, but I would like to at least get some pictures on the wall!

2. "catalogue" books -- I know, I'm a geek! What can I say? I'm a teacher and I like organization (to the point that if it's not organized -- IT'S NOT ORGANIZED!!)

3. Scrapbook my Chile pictures. (It would be nice to do this before I actually go back in November!

4. Organize/sort school files. (this speaks for itself!)

5. Go to the resource center to laminate some things and cut out some stuff for next year.

6. Read at least 5 books I've never read before (children's books excluded -- I may be doing this with #2 as I catalogue them -- like I said: geek!)

7. Crochet at least one afgahan.

8. Find a quote from each movie I own. This may not seem like too difficult of a task, but I own about 75 movies. This really started because I like the line from Tin Cup (I know, not the best movie in the world, but this line is great!) "When a defining moment comes along, you define the moment or the moment defines you." I don't know if someone else said it before Kevin Costner, but I like it -- not the most Theological statement, but there's a lot of truth in it!

That's all I can think of for now. If you think of anything else I should try to do this summer, let me know. I think I'm going to stay pretty busy, but you never know!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your list. I have "several" of my own. How about doing one work thing and then one play thing? That way you can reward yourself by getting a work one done. Jeannine & Rowan head back to Idaho on 25 June. Jeannine will be coming back by herself. We are sure going to miss him. Love, Aunt Connie

Keilah said...

your list sounds good! I have a list of my own, but unfortunately it is a bit longer. love you and we should scrapbook together!