Monday, July 14, 2008

Day camp, and other such excitements!

So it was never my intention to go 2 weeks without posting, but such is the life of a single Christian school teacher trying to make it by -- internet becomes a luxury I just cannot afford. So, here I am, once more at the library posting yet again without pictures! You would think that with the dramatic decrease of things I must remember (like, um, SCHOOL!!) I could remember something as simple as a camera. But, alas, I must paint word pictures for you. hmmm . . . I may have another idea, but we'll see if I can get to it or not . . .

Anyway, the main reason for not posting for the last week is that my church had its Day Camp last week. I (in my extreme insanity) agreed (a.k.a -- volunteered) to be the craft director for the week. I figured, "it's no big deal. I helped my mom with it for years!" The main difference is that I couldn't call on people to help me cut stuff out or make preparations because I've only been attending the church for a little less than a year, and I'm not really what you might call bold enough to just ask people for help. they've got better things to do with thier time, right?? Maybe by next year I'll be more confident in asking for some help.

The week went well nonetheless. We had a couple of times that I wasn't sure we would have the craft ready for the kids to atually do it, but God works things out at just the right time so we know that only HE could have arranged it! We had about 160ish kids come and about 50 workers. I think we had 3 children make a salvation decision!! One child was led to Christ by a teen who had only been attending the church for 2 weeks!

So I'm back to trying to work on stuff for my apartment. My list still hasn't gone very well. I don't even have new quotes for you today! I know that x-men and x-men 2 are 2 of my next movies, but I can't think of lines for them right now.

I did get to it, but I've been sitting here goofing off for too long, so I'll just leave you with my interpretation of 2 of the crafts for the week. The first one is from the first day: a creation mousepad. Each column has pictures from each day of creation (that's a dinosaur on day 6 :S) The second one was the "big" project. It was a tin can with pasta glued to it to make a pencil holder. I spray-painted them white, then the kids painted them with a color which represented the 7 "c's" they learned. Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation. These 2 crafts were a lot of fun to make (but the better ones were the ones I got to use my drill for!!!!!!) The last picture is just for fun -- I like Microsoft Paint WAY too much!!!

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Jeannine said...

I see you spend your time well! Have fun with the computer while you can :) I remember doing some of those crafts with your mom when I would visit in the summer. Glue is so much fun to peel off your palm!