Friday, October 3, 2008

my alarm

One other quick thing while I'm thinking about it. I got up late this morning -- not as late as I have been, but late all the same. I usually wake up to my phone alarm, but I realized that it seemed later in the morning and I hadn't heard it yet. So, I rolled over to look at my phone, and the screen was blank, so I looked at the clock -- 7:20!! I'm supposed to be at school by 7:30!! (I only live 2 miles from my school -- yes, you can be jealous of me :-) I didn't make it by 7:30, but I was there by 7:45! Anyway, my battery wasn't dead, so I don't really know what happened -- it was really weird! I decided to share this story with my class. As I was telling it, when I got to the part about my phone being off, one student piped up with, "It was sleeping, too!"

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