Friday, October 31, 2008

the weekend . . . .

So, within the past hour or so, my plans for the weekend have changed. I was going to ride with a friend to go to where I graduated from college, but things just weren't working out. So . . . I'm now going to just spend the weekend relaxing and trying to finish the cleaning I started last weekend! Maybe I'll actually make some progress!! One thing that would greatly help me is to be rid of the mattress leaning against my heater so I can actually turn my heat on in the living room!! I finally turned the heat on in the bedroom 2 days ago, but either need a new home within my home for the mattress, or a good Samaritan to haul it away for me!! (I would prefer the latter above the former!!)

I really need to get home, but I wanted to share something I learned from a former professor and good friend of mine. I was telling her how my students are on a kick right now of "Why aren't you married?" My response has been, "I ask myself the same question every day!!" She shared with me something a 60-something single lady says whenever SHE is asked about her singleness. (I LOVE this!!) She says:

"No man can stand to be that happy!"