Saturday, September 1, 2007

Day five (and some of the weekend stuff)

ahhhhhhhhhhhh -- the weekend!

It was sooo nice to sleep in today! My poor body isn't used to moving at such early hours of the morning! Why couldn't I have found a school that starts at noon??

Friday was a great day. I had another student bring me an apple. (another one brought one to me on Tuesday) The main difference (other than the fact this one was inside a ziploc bag) was that he then felt it necessary to explain to me why he gave me the apple:

student -- "Do you know how I thought to give you an apple?"

me -- "no, how?"
at this point, I'm expecting something like "they're good for you" "we had a lot at home" or "I saw so-and-so give you one" NO -- instead, he said:

"from watching cartoons"

Oh, the thrill of living in a modern society!

I am "home" this weekend -- in the middle of all the teacher "stuff" I have to do, I now get to pack my entire life and move it an hour and a half away to my new apartment. Not that I'm not excited to have a place of my own, but I have a LOT of junk!! This weekend is officially the "figure-out-what-you-have-and-only-take-what-you-need-to-not-starve-or-smell-bad-or-wear-the-same-clothes-for-five-days-in-a-row" weekend. (oh, and having a place to sleep is good too)

Well, it's late, so I'd better go for now. Pictures of the place will come eventually.

P.S. to my sister Karen -- I still don't know what to say . . .


Anonymous said...

You are going to be one fantastic teacher! Everyone at TGES really enjoyed getting a chance to see you and talk with you.

Yesterday we had a tour bus come through with approx. 50 people on board. The tour guide presented Brenda with a BUNCH of Senior passes - all unsigned! Those passes were sold to the tour company by a site in New York City!! Ya gotta love it!!

Karen said...

OK where are you... already slacking on this or what? Since you have NOTHING ELSE to do right:)