Monday, September 10, 2007

No the kids didn't kill me

I know, I know -- it's been a whole week (and some change) since I last posted. I'm very sorry for this -- all I had to do was move. I don't know why I didn't post anything :)

Here's the week in review:

Monday -- Labor Day ! I was home and went to our church's annual picnic. It was really great to relax some and play volleyball. Before the picnic, we loaded some of my furniture (which a couple in my church was graciously storing for me) onto a borrowed truck with the help of a former employer. After the picnic, we started loading up the other truck with some help from the neighbors and one man in our church (thanks Mr. Nichols!) After that was loaded, I went back to stay with my friend one last night before "the move". (while my parents juggled cars)

Tuesday -- School is back in session. The teaching part of this week is sort of a blur, so I'll add those details later. After school, some of the teachers came over and helped my dad unload my stuff into my apartment. My uncle was bringing up the other truck after work, but didn't arrive until after they had left. My dad and Uncle Steve ended up unloading that truck (with minor help from me) Then we went out to dinner and everyone went home -- except me!! I was home!!!! My first home ever!!!!!!!! hmmmm -- scary.

Wednesday -- It was so nice to only have to travel 5 minutes to school instead of 20! I went to school (details later), then came home (I love saying that! :), attempted to accomplish ANYTHING then went to church. After church, I was beat, so I went to bed.

Thursday -- Lesson plan day!! This after school day was encompassed with attempting to grade some papers, and getting my lesson plans together to be able to turn in on Friday. Needless to say, I need to work on this on -- 2:30 is VERY late to go to bed!

Friday -- My mom came up and we went to Wal-Mart for some "staples". This took longer than we expected, but we were at least able to get some dishes washed and paper in the kitchen cabinets. Then my friend Karen came over and we watched a movie and just relaxed.

Saturday -- Karen left sometime around 9ish (I think), but I didn't get up until about 11:30. It was soooo nice to sleep in again! I worked on getting more paper cut out for the cabinets, and grading some papers for the students (did I mention that I HATE grading penmanship???!!)

Sunday -- So refreshing to go to church and get recharged! The church I've been attending has a Sunday School for 20-something single people -- and I'm not the only one in it!!! We had a good discussion about leading people to Christ and tools we could use to do it. We made a bridge to show the communication between God and man before the fall, then when Adam and Eve sinned, the bridge collapsed and we could no longer reach God on our own. Then when Jesus died on the cross, that cross became the new bridge to God and the way to everlasting life with Him. We used pipe cleaners, construction paper, tape, markers, and play-doh to illustrate it!

Monday -- Today. Getting back into the groove of things. Sometimes I stop and think "is this a dream -- is this really real? Am I really doing what I've wanted to do for so long??" It sort of worries me -- I'm afraid I'm going to do something that's going to screw it up and it's all going to disappear. An encouraging note to that is the the elementary principal came in to "observe" me today (she did warn me). She left me a very encouraging note about Science class and my transition from Bible to Science. The main thing she is encouraging me to work on is maintaining class discipline. I think I'm too much of a softie. I guess I need to crack down on them a little more. I keep "blaming" their inattention on them, but it is I who need to demand their attention at all times. Please pray that this will become a reality.

I guess that's all for now -- I'm already close to novel length, so the school stuff will have to wait for later. Until then, here's a picture a student drew for me. I scanned it in and cropped off her name. She drew me a picture of a "colorful butterfly" but had a little spelling difficulty.


Karen said...

I'm glad to know you're still alive. It sounds like you are adjusting to life and having a cloreful one at that! Luv U

Anonymous said...

No one's ever drawn ME a "buttfly" picture. *sniff*


~ Tracy