Thursday, September 27, 2007

What a week! (and a half!)

Time sure flies when you're having fun! (and sometimes when you're not!)

This past week and a half have been interesting. The week went well, despite the fact that I found out that we have progress reports due by Friday the 28th. I've been frantically working on that most days since then. In the middle of my frantic rushings, I went to Liberty University to the Extraordinary Women's Conference. It was a good time with a lot of good speakers (Chonda Pierce, Kay Arthur, Angela Thomas, Jennifer Rothschild, and Gloria Gaither) They were ALL GREAT speakers. I just wish I wasn't so exhausted so I could have gotten a little more "refreshing" from their messages.

I've spent the past 3 days staying late, working on grades. I shouldn't even be posting this because I still have lesson plans and some more work on the progress reports to do. (along with a field trip in January, one in November, and did I mention Book-it begins on Monday??) One of my students was also pulled out on Monday because of family financial struggles, and I just found out another student may be soon diagnosed as being special needs! (but I'm not stressed!)

The sum of this post is that you would be in prayer for me. I know there are many teachers with many more struggles than those I have, but I would covet your prayers now. I hope to begin posting more "light-hearted" posts soon, but for now, I'm just working on organization!


Karen said...

I'm sure that you're doing a great job! Just remember to come up for air... you could always take a drive on the park on the weekend... don't you miss that:)

Anonymous said...

Remember that God put you there for a reason. And think of how things have fallen into place since you were first called about the job interview.

I pray that God gives you the strength and guidance to do what you need to do. But I also honestly believe that He made sure you were there for that school, students and fellow teachers because of who you are, the knowledge you already have, and the strength you definitely already possess.

~ Tracy