Friday, March 28, 2008

oops -- it's Friday and I'm out of town!!

My sister said I need to update this, so here goes. I wich I had some pictures to put up, but I'm visiting our brother at Liberty University right now, so I don't think I'm allowed to upload pictures. I want to show you pictures of my curtains and digital piano cover, so maybe next time.

It's spring break!!! I spent the first few days at my parent's house, celebrating Easter. I got my taxes done and went "shopping" at the local thrift store. (on a happy note, I went there to get some smaller-size jeans - I'm down 2 or 3 sizes!!) I left on Wednesday to visit our brother, Kaleb. He's in his 3rd year at LU, so it has been great to hang out with him for a few days and meet his friends. I'm headed back to my parent's house today. It's been a really good, relaxing time just "chillin' with my bro"

Wednesday's What: What do you miss the most about school (high school or college)?

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Keilah said...

Well, I'm still in college, so I don't miss much about it, although I would say I miss being around and hanging out with all my friends! I can't really do that from so many miles away...and I think one thing I love but miss about dorm life is 2 HOUR DELAYS!!! There's nothing quite like waking up to discover you can sleep for two more hours!
Have fun and be careful!