Saturday, April 12, 2008

excitement at home!

I'm home for the weekend!! This is always a nice, relaxing time (other than the hour and a half drive it takes to get here!!) I was met with a beautiful sight:

For those of you who have not been to my parent's house recently (or ever), this may not seem like an odd picture. However, for those of you who know this house fairly well, you will notice something VERY ODD. This is what it looked like a week ago:

What happened to the cars?? (technically cars and truck, but let's not be too picky!) My dad has been advertising one car and one truck in the local Valley Trader since January. This hasn't been going well, including people claiming to be ready to buy, then never showing up! They received a call last week from a man interesed in the truck solely because of the price. After they talked for a while, he told dad that he needs to find 100 cars to crush!! Dad said, "I've got 2 others, do you want them, too??" Dad described the other two cars and the man said, "I'll give you a hundred dollars a piece for them." Dad was thrilled!!!! We were beginning to think that they would only get $25 per car, and now dad was being offered $100!! So, he came on Tuesday of this past week and hauled them away. Here's a video of how they did it!

I have a video that is MUCH larger, but I think it's too big to put on here. Here a few more pictures to give you an idea for how it went!


Keilah said...

I'M SO GLAD YOU PUT UP PICTURES OF HOME!!!! Even if it was just the cruddy cars being hauled away...I nearly cried. I love you and miss you and can't wait to see you soon!!!

ps the video was cool!

Kaleb said...

I love it that they are gone. No longer will someone have to mow around them. And that means less weedeating to do!!

Karen said...

Yeahhhh! Where is Grandma's car in the picture?

Keilah said...

ps Where's my car in that first picture??!?!?!