Friday, April 18, 2008

Change is a good thing!

Well, I've conformed!! My sisters decided to change their background, so after a little frustration (and reading from the BEGINNING of the instructions - what a novel idea!) I figured out how to do it!

What do you think of the new background?? Did I match colors O.K.?? That's not exactly my strong suit, so any advice would be helpful!

Things have been crazy this week -- I went home over the weekend to my parent's house because my Aunt and Uncle were there with my cousin and her son!! This was the first time to see my "first cousin once removed" (did I get that right, Jeannine??) Since coming back "home," I've felt a little like I'm just trying to play catch-up!! I've really been dragging this week -- I guess I have the weekend to relax! Only 30-something days of school left!! I can't believe it -- my first year is just about over! Not that I want to be rid of my students, the 12 hour days are just getting a little tiresome! Everyone ASSURES me that next year will be better. I DO believe them -- for one thing, I won't be writing History quizzes less than 12 hours before I give them (or 12 minutes sometimes!!) I guess only time will tell!


Jeannine said...

yes, Rowan is your first cousin once removed. :) I like the new look for your blog. It's you exactly! I miss you already. Love you

Keilah said...

LOVE the new look. I actually thought about the one you picked, so it must be a STELLAR choice. I miss you like WHOA! and I can't wait to see you soon. And yes, the "reading directions from the beginning" got me too!!! Love ya!