Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is it really Thursday???

It seems like just yesterday it was Monday!! The weeks seem to be flying by the closer we get to the end of the school year. I guess that this is normal, but then again, it is my first year!! I'm sure my students have said some very clever things the past couple of days, but as the days seem to mush together, I can't think of anything "brilliant" right now. My week started with discovering that one student (who is usually very well-behaved) had decided to scratch a lovely little pattern on the back and seat of his plastic chair using a paper clip! When I saw it, I asked him if he had done it. He gave me the look of, "it seems I've been caught, so I'd better tell the truth, even though I don't really want to". I asked when he did it and he said Friday. (great powers of observation on my part -- I didn't even notice until the day was almost over on Monday! ) I was really curious as to how he did it, so I asked him that, too. His response was great: "I guess it was with a paper clip." I loved that he added "I guess" to the answer. It's like he still didn't quite want to admit to his guilt! He does get some points for honesty, though!

Hopefully it will only get better from here! I'm not sure if uphill or downhill is better: downhill seems like things will cascade and get worse; uphill seem awfully hard! I'm voting for even ground!!

Only 29 more days of school left! (according to the 2nd grade teacher)


Keilah said...

Yay! only 29 days! and only about a week before I get to see you! Double YAY!!! Love you darling!

p.s. I would give "him" creativity points for the paper clip too!

Karen said...

Carter's favorite is I didn't mean to... it just happened!`