Monday, September 22, 2008

A note for the teacher

Last week, I noticed that "we" are having trouble staying quiet when "we" are passing in papers. I finally had enough and said, "Unless you can write down a GOOD reason why you should be allowed to talk and I agree with it, you may not talk to each other when passing in papers."

I figured this would result in one of two things:

1 - They would stop talking long enough to actually write something.
2 - They would realize the error of their ways and obediently quiet down for the rest of the year.

While I am TOTALLY for option #2, it was option #1 that won more. I think it actually resulted in more talking as they now found it ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to share with the rest of the class what they had written. Some of them said they should be allowed to talk, "because it's fun", "because we like to talk", or "sometimes people aren't paying attention when I'm passing them their paper". While I can see the validity of that last one, I don't think that would need a chaotic rumble of noise.

One response stood out. Here is his first reason for why they should be allowed to talk when passing in papers, followed by the second letter he gave me. Words in parentheses are my interpretation of what he meant to spell - remember this is just the first four weeks of third grade!!

"Becasec (because) we are childerin we ned (need) to talk we no that we shood just for about four weeks please and the other weeks we will Be good I promis."

"I no I just set (sent) a note But This is in pontin (important) Becase we need to talk. Becase a year seen (seems) to long so long dot you think __________. (I think he inserted this for my response) we just need to talk Becase wind you was a child did you wanted to talk in school I bet you did wanted to talk in school I bet you talk to yor friends you probly Got in troble once or twis I don't no just plesea we need to talk you need to talk you need to talk to rite rite I think you think you think you will get in troble with your Boss But if you do I will hallp you I promisie just ten weeke you no wiy I sed four weeks I was scarid you wood say no but I not (knowed :-) you need to say no But we need to talk beacas we are chalderin I no you probaey didn't did think of this probly thot of this often you probly ast (asked) the teacher and she sed no, and you probly ast agn (again) and agn but and I think if thas troo I think your just foloeing (fooling-- or following -- I'm not sure) your teacher But I is not true are a awsome teacher but some people mite not think your awsome But I think your awsome in my would (world--pronounced wuuuld)


Kaleb said...

wow dats really gud I aggee wit dat stoodeants antsir and you arrr a grate teachar dat whill doo a grate jobb. :-)

Karen said...

You MEAN teacher.. let them talks can't you see they are scaird of you! ;)
Tht is toooo funee!