Monday, September 15, 2008

I DID IT!!!!

For about the past 10 months, I've been semi-planning a trip to Chile again over Thanksgiving to go to my friend's wedding. After being frustrated over rising ticket prices and not liking some of the itineraries, I finally bit the bullet and bought the ticket. It cost me almost $1200, but God is already providing a way for me to pay it off. I've been planning to go to her wedding in Chile long before she even met her fiance, but I've just procrastinated since I don't have the money right now. This is tough for me as I'm not one to let credit card accumulate! I'm very sad that I won't be able to pay it off each month, but I know this is what I need to do. Please pray for peace that this was the right decision.

(I did get my camera back, but it's 6:00 and I'm still at school -- I need to go home!!)


Karen S. said...

YAY!!! Its about!u

Jed said...
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