Thursday, November 6, 2008


So I was just looking at Jen's blog. She said she was tagged, but wasn't going to tag anyone.

soooooooo, I consider myself un-tagged!!

7 random facts about myself:

1 - I have visited 21 of the 50 states (22 if you count the airport in Missouri)
2 - I love math -- any type of math!!
3 - My favorite time to shop (well, the only time I shop) is when I know I can get a discount!
4 - I have over 100 "My Little Ponies" from when I was little.
5 - I did not pay attention to the direction the toilet flushed when I went to Chile the first time.
6 - I eat sweet pickles on my grilled cheese sandwiches and potato chips on my PB&J.

What are 7 random facts about you? If you're reading this, you're tagged!!

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