Monday, December 15, 2008


After many days of waiting to find the picture-loading thingamajig, I found it in my pocketbook!! I don't think I ever had it and my camera at the same place at the same time, so my actually realizing where it was wouldn't have gotten these pictures on here any sooner!

So here they are: Pictures of Chile and Teresa's wedding (I guess Marcelo was there, too :-)

This is the outside of the house they will (I guess now ARE) call(ing) home. I hope to get some of the inside pictures on facebook next week sometime.

In Chile, they perform two ceremonies: a civil ceremony and a "religious" ceremony. The civil ceremony is held in a tiny office (though we fit a lot of people in there!) This is seen in the eyes of the government as the "official" marriage. The outfit Teresa is wearing is the traditional "garb" of Chile. Mostly, they wear it on their Chilean Independence Day. (Sorry, Teresa, I don't remember the date.) Her sister and niece were wearing theirs also. The outfit has a name, but rather than totally mess it up, I won't even attempt to spell it!

This is a picture of me with the happy couple after the ceremony!!

Then we went on to the campground where they would have the "religious" ceremony performed by Teresa's dad. This is the cabin where I was attacked by a bat!

We stayed up pretty late that night decorating -- the ceremony was supposed to be outside, but we had to switch to an indoor wedding because it had been raining for 2 days!

This was one of my jobs the day before and the morning of the wedding -- we iced all 300 cupcakes, then stacked them on these tiers to make the wedding "cake". It turned out pretty well (even if the icing did turn out to be more green-ish than blue because of the butter!)

This is them lighting the unity candle (well, attempting to light it - it turned out to be a pretty good picture, though!)

My view of the ceremony -- I decided that my family will sit on the groom's side and his family will sit on my side so we can actually see the person we came to see!!! (though her hair was very pretty!!)

My former roomie and ex-member of the single's club! :-(

On our way to the bus station, I took a picture of this volcano! Some of the people I was traveling with hiked up there the morning of the wedding! I would have gone, but figured that would have been a little awkward! :-)

I realized as I was about to board the plane that I really didn't have pictures of the mountains this time.

Then on the plane, I saw this beautiful sunset and just had to get a picture!! Until next time (not next year, though!!

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