Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cold -- just cold

Do you ever have those days you want to run outside and scream at the sky, "Quit being so cold and SNOW ALREADY!!!!" It's been FREEZING -- no -- BELOW freezing all week and still not so much as a flurry! I love snow . . . I dream of snow . . . I pray for a snow day!!! I love school, and we did get one day off last week, but it was for freezing rain, not snow, so it wasn't really worth it! Maybe I'm alone in this, but if school's going to be cancelled, at least let there be some snow on the ground!!


Abby said...

Uuugghh! It is miserable here too. Sooooo cold! It is supposed to be -15 tonight with -45 wind chills. Yuck! I don't humans are meant to live in weather like this! We have a snow day today but it is too cold to enjoy the snow.

Jennifer said...

Sorry, we don't have snow days in FL :(

Jeannine said...

HEAR HEAR! I call for snow too. I'm in Tucson, Arizona and people are wearing sweaters, jackets and gloves in 65 degree weather! They're nuts :) I want to be home with Eric and Rowan playing in the snow. :(

Karen @Snakes-Snails-Puppydogtails said...

Come on up... 12inches of snow with 6-12 more tonight/tomorrow!! We also have -30 wind chills tomorrow!

Mom said...

"SNOW, SNOW, SNOW, SNOW - It won't be long before there's snow."

I'm in to quotes tonight! I want some real snow too! We need it - even those of us who really don't HAVE to go out during the day.

I love you.