Monday, April 13, 2009


This Easter was very different for me. This was my first "major" holiday away from any family. I would have gone home (since it's only about an hour and a half away), but between tax season and being in my church's Easter Concert, I couldn't make it back. Despite this, it was a good day. A friend of mine invited me to have Easter dinner with her family. It was great! I really miss those big family gatherings with the good-natured ribbing and reminiscing. After that, we just sort of sat around all day, chatting and napping and watching quilting and knitting shows on TV. Then it was off to warm-ups before the concert. The concert was AWESOME!! I'm hoping to get a copy of the performance. I won't put it all up here, but if I can put one song up, I'll try to do that. The arrangement of Amazing Grace was the best one. It wasn't the typical Amazing Grace, or even the arrangement with "My Chains are Gone." The words went:

Amazing Grace brought hope forever,
All sin erased, remembered never
I live again! Because He took my place.
Thanks to Calvary and Amazing Grace.

While we sang it, there was a video in the background with scenes from "The Passion of The Christ". We had to make sure we weren't looking at the monitors, or most of us wouldn't have been able to make it through the song. When we finished the song, it was absolutely silent in the auditorium. The pastor got up then to give his challenge. I don't know if anyone made a decision last night, but I know that God will definitely use that ministry for HIS glory!

Only 3 more days of taxes, then I FINALLY get to completley enjoy my Spring Break!!

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