Friday, April 10, 2009


Spring Break at last!!!!!!

Today went well, though. I had one parent come in early to pick up their child. I loved her comment, "They seem quieter than normal." They were really good today. I don't know if it was because of the anticipation of break, the fun activities of the day, or the fact that we had an awesome magician speak in chapel today. Either way, I'm still glad for break. I did realize, however, that after leaving school, I did leave one thing on my desk: an Easter egg a 2nd grader gave me. Yes, I knew I would probably forget it. Yes, I tried to remind myself several times. Yes . . . it is a real egg . . . . maybe this can be the source of a great Science experiment. "What happens to a hard-boiled egg after sitting in a school for 10 days??"

I plan to use the next couple of days to pack up some stuff to get ready for "the move" to "______". This blank will hopefully be closer to being filled in after this break as I plan to get some resumes sent out, too. Please pray for guidance as I send these out. I feel like I'm back to square one. It's exciting and a little scary at the same time. I need peace.

In other news, our Easter Concert is Sunday night at 7. Anyone interested in hearing an AWESOME concert, let me know. (and it will be awesome for many other reasons other than the fact that I'm singing in it!! :) We have "dress rehersal" tomorrow. My throat is feeling a little sore, so hopefully it won't cause any problems. At least I"m not singing any solos!

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Kaleb said...

Aaahhhh, Spring Break at last.
When we mear mortals take a bath.
And everyone looks nice and neat,
When we devour a clam or beet.
We lift our ladders to roofs up
And clean the gutters with a big
Leaves of course, and frisbees too,
A bunch of shingles, and somehow
a shoe.
Bird's nests full of small littles
Coins, and yarns, what ever they
We clean the gutters and the house,
And kills rodents, even the mouse.
We clean a lot, and then some more,
While keeping our shoes off the
We clean until we're all done in,
And then we relax, and drink some
Spring Break, ahh, what a treat.
To clean, and eat, and sleep, and retreat!