Monday, October 22, 2007

For some clarification

Thank you, mom, for your undying support of me. I appreciate you sticking up for my speling abilities. (and yes, Karen, that one was on purpose, too!!)

As a pictoral example of my spelling abilities and to confirm my mother's defense of me, I submit the following . . . um . . . picture.

Today was interesting. I got to "see myself" very clearly through the eyes of a student. Today was her birthday. The last time there was a birthday, the birthday boy wanted to take his extra cupcakes around to the other teachers. So, of course, today's birthday girl wanted to do the same. I told her she could choose ONE person to go with her. To which she directed to the students, "I'm waiting for it to be quiet!" When they didn't quiet down, she went to the front of the room, sat in a chair and stared at them. I noticed this and just had to laugh, because I have done this MANY times before I read a story to them after recess. She just sat there and said, "I'll take whoever is the quietest." My teacher's aide was there with me helping me get some papers together and I just had to laugh. It's so funny what they pick up on. Now, does she know what the Science lesson today covered? . . .

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keilah said...

Where are the pictures of YOU Kelly! I want to see the teacher in action! (That is if you can trust a student with your camera for one picture!)