Wednesday, October 17, 2007

a picture is worth . . .

OK, OK, so I finally remembered my camera! Here are the promised pictures. The first two are of my bulletin board I did for the hallway. I got the scarecrow's outfit from Goodwill and made the head out of some burlap from my sister (thanks, Karen!) The button eyes came from my teacher's aid and the mouth is . . . a cut pony-tail holder.

This one is one my students did to help me decorate it for fall.

I asked one student who finished early to cut out some letters for me to make the word "October" I think he did a GREAT job!

Another student brought me this rose -- it was just so perfectly bloomed I had to take a picture of it!

So on to the monumental events. I made my first "real" dinner! On Monday, I had fried pork chops, potatos, and gravy. I also had some crescent rolls that I baked in my toaster oven. (and yes I turned the poewr on:-)

Here's a picture of it cooking!

And here's the finished product. No, I did not eat at the table -- I ate in the living room -- a nasty habit, I know, but who cares? It's just me -- if there's a mess, I know who made it!!


Karen said...

yeah!!! I like the board! I have some more stuff for you from our children's workers stuff!
Come make dinner here any time.. we eat in the living room too.. and there's a mess on the floor!
(Hey use spell check teacher - poewr?)

Dad and Mom said...

Just wanted everyone to know that our 'teacher' did not make a mistake with the word poewr ! Her microwave actually has it spelled that way right on the front of it. I guess she has something that could be a one of a kind. As her grandmother always said, "Maybe it will be worth money one day!"

Anonymous said...

The scarecrow is beautiful! Great job!

LOL! I LOVE the post with the first official meal on it. The pictures actually made me laugh out loud (although I have to ask --WHERE is the vegetable portion of your dinner? *nag*nag*). I'm sooo proud of you (even if your spell checker DID seem to fall into the mashed potatoes). LOL

More poewr to ya!

~ Tracy

PS: You're missing October Visitor Craziness! Oh wait. Okay, so you're probably NOT missing it. LOL