Thursday, May 8, 2008

Feeling appreciated or showing appreciation or both??!

This is the poster my students made for me!! I'm not sure if you can read it, but they have words which I suppose are to describe me. I'm not sure why some of them put "smart" or "beautiful", but If you see the orange-y looking one near the bottom, it just says "hi hi hi hi hi" I think that one describes me the best!! The week has been great, though I would rather receive excellent behavior from my kids than any of the gifts they have been bringing (not that I'm going to give it back!!) Since Monday, I've received: a set from Bath and Body Works, a bouquet of flowers, a glass fish paperweight, a bag of Ghirardelli chocolate (milk chocolate with caramel filling -- it doesn't get much better than that unless it's dark chocolate!!), and today one of my students brought in a huge bag with a canvas teacher bag, a fleece throw blanket, and a book titled The 100 Most Important Bible Verses. I read through the first one and it is AWESOME!! I think I'll start posting them once a week (or twice a week, or every other week, depending on when I get to it!!)

This week has made me reflect a little. I don't remember teacher appreciation week very much when I was in school. I guess in our house we just called it "Mother's Day" (seeing we were homeschooled and all :-) Having my mom as my teacher from 4th grade through graduating High School, I don't have that much pre-college experience with other teachers. Going through my first year of teaching, though, I have thought a lot about MY 3rd grade teacher: Mrs. Seal. It was her first year of teaching. I remember all the little notes she would write on my work, the fun extra projects she would do with us: boiling salt water in the kitchen to show how salt doesn't evaporate, making coloring page books to go with a missionary story, and who could forget studying the Tabernacle and actually visiting a replica of one in Pennsylvania!! We went to the zoo that year, too!! It makes me think . . . when did she have the time to plan all this? She was married when she taught me -- it's all I can do to get my lesson plans done before I actually teach!! I can't imagine how I would be able to have any time for a family with all that I have to do! I admire her so much and appreciate her so much more for the sacrifices she made to be such an encouragement to me and my other classmates!

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