Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just a quick note

I'm currently in Lynchburg attending the e-women's conference at Liberty University. I heard Chonda Pierce and Richie something or other who used to sing for Lonestar but now sings Christian music (the rest of his name will come to me eventually. Tomorrow we will hear Carol Kent, Angela Thomas, Karen Kingsbury, and hear a concert by Mandisa!! I'm so excited!! This is my 3rd year attending and it's definately going to be a regular event for me!

Just one quick note about a cute saying from one of my students. I've been having a problem with my students sharpening their pencils a little too often. I've been giving them permission to sharpen them while others are working, but this is a distraction and I only have 2 pencil sharpeners (hand-crank) for 24 students! Apparently, not everyone knows how to use them, either, because they start with a new pencil, but end up with one about 3 inches long! I've told them not to push their pencil in quite so hard, but they're just not getting it right now. My solution was to sharpen a basket of pencils and allow them to exchange a broken or dull pencil for a sharp one. When they ask to sharpen one, I've been saying, "you may exchange one". This seems to be working pretty well for now, but if anyone has any other suggestions or techniques you have used, that would be great! Anyway, they've started asking "May I exchange a pencil?" instead of "May I sharpen my pencil?"

Now we get to the cute saying! One of my students, instead of asking to exchange a pencil asked:

"May I rearrange my pencil??" :-)


Jed said...

I handpicked one person who reallllllly know how to sharpen and they sharpen all the pencils at the end of the day... O... and get rid of those hand cranks.. and invest in the Boson Pro Electric Pencil Sharpener.. It cost almost 50 bucks but you will NEVER need another one.... It is TOTALLY wort the money... PS... GO TALK TO YOUR NEIGHBORS!!! :0)

4funboys said...

can we change places??? I'd love to be at a conference at Liberty...

that's if I can't be at TMC *grin.

(It's a running joke with all our friends which is the better school (Liberty, The Master's College, Biola etc...)

as to the Electric sharpener...
I just bought my fourth one- the kids love those too. oh JOY