Thursday, April 9, 2009

almost . . . . there . . . I . . . . can . . . make . . . it . . . .

Just one more day (technically a half-day) until EASTER BREAK!!!!!!!! I am sooo ready for it, too!! In the midst of testing, taxes, and the need to find a new job, I am just tired of doing stuff. I did have one interesting thought today that was just too thought-provoking to not share.

We have done our Achievement testing this week. It has been REALLY testing, too!!! I still like it better than last year when we did our testing the week after break -- that was insane! The kids are just done. That's it -- they're done! My thought-provoking . . . . um . . . thought came this morning. When we're in our rooms testing, we have signs on the doors that say: "Do not disturb: Testing in progress." My thought of the day: maybe this is the sign we as Christians should have for Satan. I know it's not the most doctrinally sound thought in the world, but it is an interesting perspective to have. Critique it all you want, it was just my half-awake thought of the morning.

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